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The Wachovia Historical Society (WHS) was organized on March 18, 1895 with 36 members joining and H. F. Shaffner was elected president. The WHS grew out of the Young Men’s Missionary Society (YMMS), a committee of which met on July 26, 1894 for the purpose of organizing an historical society. Gaither F. Jenkins was chairman of this committee.
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The YMMS was organized in 1840 and began with specimens and information about natural history and cultural practices collected by a worldwide network of Moravian Missionaries. This collection grew with the same kind of specimens and information from Salem and surrounding areas. Existing records show that at the time of the merger of YMMS into WHS, 194 artifacts were passed to the WHS. The WHS collections today number approximately 6800 artifacts.
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A detailed history of the Wachovia Historical Society can be found in the book, The Wachovia Historical Society, 1895-1995, by Bradford L. Rauschenberg. The book is available for purchase through this website.
        Presidents of the Young Men’s Missionary Society  
                  And the Wachovia Historical Society    
        Presidents of the Young Men’s Missionary Society:    
        No president recorded 1840-1845    
        Henry J. Van Vleck 1846-1848    
        Amadeus Reinke 1849    
        James T. Lineback 1850    
        M. Grunert 1851    
        Samuel S. Warren 1852    
        Henry Vogler 1853    
        Edward T. Blum 1854-1855    
        S. C. James 1856-1860    
        J. Shaffner 1861    
        No president recorded 1862-1865    
        E. T. Blum 1866-1867    
        J. E. Shaffner 1868    
        E. T. Blum 1869-1874    
        No president recorded 1875-1880    
        F. H. Fries 1881    
        E. A. Ebert 1882    
        H. E. Fries 1883-1884    
        No president recorded 1885    
        George Dittmer 1886    
        William Pfohl 1886 after April    
        Ed Crosland 1886 after October    
        Fred Pfohl 1887    
        Roswell Welfare 1887 after July    
        Samuel Pfohl 1888    
        No president recorded 1889    
        B. J. Pfohl 1890-1892    
        No president recorded 1893-1894    
        Presidents of the Wachovia Historical Society:    
        H. F. Shaffner 1895-1898    
        No president recorded 1899-1903    
        H. T. Bahnson 1904    
        William A. Blair 1905    
        B. J. Pfohl 1906-1907    
        W. F. Pfohl 1908    
        B. J. Pfohl 1909    
        No president recorded 1910-1915    
        H. E. Fries 1916-1918    
        No president recorded 1919    
        W. A. Blair 1920    
        No president recorded 1921-1926    
        W. A. Blair 1927    
        Douglas L. Rights 1928-1951    
        J. K. Pfohl 1952    
        Douglas L. Rights 1953-1956    
        Archibald Craige 1957-1960    
        John Fries Blair 1961-1963    
        Frank Albright 1964    
        John Fries Blair 1965-1966    
        No president recorded 1967    
        John Fries Blair 1968    
        William Starbuck 1969-1971    
        Frank P. Albright 1972-1973    
        Edwin L. Stockton 1974-1977    
        Burton J. Rights 1978    
        Charles M. Beardsley 1979-1980    
        William East 1981-1982    
        Dale H. Gramley 1983    
        J. Edwin Hendricks 1984-1987    
        Jayne Litzenburg 1988-1990    
        W. David Piner 1991-1994    
        William Hinman 1995-1996    
        Bradford L. Rauschenberg 1997-1999    
        David E. Gall 2000    
        John H. (Jack) Felts 2001    
        J. Rodney Meyer 2002-2003    
        Sarah O. J. Hunter 2004-2005    
        Frederick P. Spach 2006-2008    
        H. Lester Morris, Jr. 2009-2010    
        William W. Phillips, Jr. 2011    
        Frederick P. Spach 2012    
        Thomas W. Williams, Jr. 2013-2015    
        Peggy P. Dodson 2016-2017    
        I.B. Southerland 2018-2020    
        Michelle DeLapp 2021-    
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